Michigan’s temperature has been crazy this year. So instead of fishing, days are spent fly tying, reminiscing of previous fishing days, or dreaming of warmer weather ahead. It was wonderful to have what appeared to be a later winter this year. Some days it felt like winter had alluded us  – but it was as if mother nature was laughing and winter blew in with a fury.  Over fourteen inches of snow and temperatures reaching 40 below with wind chills. River fishing is on a standstill, ice shelf’s stand mocking the fishermen daring them to try. 
The weather made me appreciate the fishing I did in mid-January, catching what I call little beauties. The river was cold and racing I found myself more than once roll casting from shore to warm my legs and rest from the constant pressure I was fighting. It was not without success many of the little beauties were photographed and gently released to grow bigger and hopefully be caught again. Sitting indoors now reflecting on that time of fishing is looked on with pleasure.  I sit and tie flys and sit by a crackling fire, and dream of the days behind and ahead – better days are yet to come.