It’s Cold Out There – Fly Tying the Gurgler

   Michigan remains cold, freezing temps, snow, ice storms we have had it all!  Rivers are running high – the Rogue River is at stage six, and with snow melts will probably enter into flood stages. So,  it is still in the dreaming stage for fly fishing – it is an excellent time for educational events or tying flies.  I spent the last few days doing just that.  “52 Months on the Muskegon River” presented by Kevin Feenstra was one of the events I attended. It turned out to be an impressive presentation – I highly recommend it. This presentation included Kevin’s photography of life on the river, along with great information on flies to use for the various seasons.  My time is also spent at my vise – Long days have been spent filling my fly box – streamers for spring, summer and fall, wet skunks, stoneflies and several of my favorite Bass or warm water gurgler flies.
One of several Bass caught on a White Gurgler
My Favorite Warm Water Fly

How to Make a Gurgler

Some Gurgler Action